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A Second Amendment Sanctuary refers to counties, townships, cities, or other localities in Minnesota that have adopted resolutions or ordinances to prohibit or impede the enforcement of unconstitutional gun control legislation such as universal background checks, red flag laws, "assault weapon" bans, magazine restrictions, or other Metro-DFL driven anti-gun policies at the state legislature.

These resolutions send a strong message to the state legislature that the people, represented through their country governments, are opposed to ineffective and unconstitutional gun control measures.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Minnesota is driven at a local, grassroots level by engaged citizens and activists pushing their county boards to pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is providing this resource page to serve as a hub for news related to Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties in Minnesota - and provide templates, model resolutions, and other resources to help local grassroots activists push their counties to become Second Amendment Sanctuary counties.


Second Amendment Sanctuary versus Second Amendment "Dedicated" Counties

Some counties have chosen to use the "Second Amendment Sanctuary" language in their adopted resolutions while others have referred to themselves as a "Second Amendment Dedicated County". Counties have generally chosen to use the "dedicated county" language to avoid similarity with "sanctuary cities" for immigration purposes.

We do not take a position on what label is used - the practical effect of the resolution remains the same.


Counties that have passed Strong Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions:

These county boards have passed provisions in their resolutions which commit to deny county appropriations to unconstitutional infringements on the 2nd Amendment, as well as pledge to use the courts to defend the rights of their residents if necessary. 

  • Clearwater
  • Faribault
  • Kanabec
  • Marshall
  • McLeod*
  • Meeker
  • Red Lake
  • Roseau
  • Todd
  • Wadena
  • Wright

    *McLeod County's resolution while strong, is unlikely to survive a challenge in the courts.

Counties that have passed Weak / Symbolic Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions

These county boards have passed symbolic resolutions which do NOT make firm commitments to protect their resident's rights.

  • Becker
  • Chisago
  • Crow Wing
  • Hubbard
  • Mille Lacs
  • Pennington
  • Sibley

Groups working on Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions

If you are aware of another group pushing for a county to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, please send us a link to the group at [email protected] and we'll add to this page.

How to push your county to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County

It's important to remember that this is a local, grassroots-driven effort. While we are happy to provide expertise and advice, you'll need to do the heavy lifting in your county to push your county commissioners to adopt the resolution through letter writing, phone calls, emails, and good old fashioned in-person political pressure.

Here are some recommended steps for you to take:

  • Check our list above and search on Facebook to see if a group is already working on such a resolution. If so, join their effort.
  • If not, create a Facebook Group to coordinate actions with other grassroots activists.  Send a link to the group to us at [email protected] and we'll add to our list on this page.
  • Talk with your County Sheriff - perhaps through someone who has an existing relationship with him/her.  Approach, sit down and discuss the 2A Sanctuary movement.  Sound them out in an attempt to gain their support.
  • Use our model resolution language below along with the letter to send an email or letter to each of your county commissioners asking for them to consider becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary or "Second Amendment Dedicated County". Be sure to personalize the letter in any way you think best represents your feelings and thoughts on why they should take this action.
  • Continue to email and call your county commissioners to push them to take action.
  • Look at your county website and see when the next meeting of county commissioners is happening.  Attend and ask to speak during the public comment period. Tell them about the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution and urge them to adopt it.  Bring plenty of friends and like minded people.
  • If they refuse, keep emailing, calling, and attending meetings - get more friends and neighbors to do the same. Do not give up until they adopt or take on the resolution.
  • If you do all of the above and continue to be stonewalled, contact us at [email protected] for advice. Keep in mind that strong blue counties like Hennepin County and Ramsey County are unlikely to adopt such a resolution.

Model Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Get our model resolution for use with your county commissioners at this link. Fill in the blanks with the name of your county.

Template - Letter to County Commissioners

Get our template for a letter to your county commissioners at this link. Customize to fit your tone, personality, and specific ask of your county commissioners.

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