Join or Renew your Membership!

Join or Renew your Membership!


The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is the most effective gun rights organization in Minnesota. We have a full-time presence at the Minnesota State Capitol during the legislative session and command respect from both sides of the aisle. We hold events all across the state and engage in local activism at the city and county level when your Second Amendment rights are under attack.

We invite you to join us today!



  • 24x7 defense of your constitutional rights as a gun owner
  • Official MN Gun Owners Caucus digital membership card
  • Discounts on select training and events
  • Deep discounts and early access to our exclusive member events 
  • Member-only retail discounts and savings
  • Automatic entry to all drawings and gun giveaways



The best way to join the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is to become a Second Amendment Defender - our exclusive group of activists that commit to an easy monthly donation.

Second Amendment Defenders automatically receive a membership as a Sustaining Member - and will be upgraded over time as their donations are received each month.

Monthly contributions are auto-deducted each month hassle-free - this is the path more than 75% of our new supporters select. They help us know what our budget will be month-to-month - and enable us to execute a stronger program throughout the year.

Second Amendment Defenders receive an awesome exclusive patch as well.

Become a Second Amendment Defender for as little as $5/month



We offer five options for an annual membership, depending upon the level of financial commitment that you choose to make:

  • Founding Member ($100/year):  This unique membership is intended for members who wish to make a strong impact on the organization to help protect your Second Amendment rights.

  • Ring of Freedom Member ($250/year):  This exclusive membership level is intended for members who wish to strongly demonstrate their commitment to supporting, expanding, and defending your Second Amendment rights across the State of Minnesota. This level includes a free t-shirt, challenge coin, and other exclusive benefits.

  • Youth Member ($25/year):  This membership is for individuals that are 13 to 17 years old and wish to join with their parent's or guardian's permission.

An annual membership of any type is good for one year from the date of enrollment. You will receive a renewal notice via e-mail about two weeks before your membership expires.



We offer four levels of life memberships in our organization. We offer generous payment plan terms that you set or you can pay the full amount immediately.

  • Life Member ($750):  Our basic lifetime membership with all benefits as described above. Life members also receive early access and deeply discounted rates for our events.
  • Our Endowment, Patron, and Benefactor memberships are intended for our members who wish to make a deep and lasting financial commitment to the organization:

Life memberships are good for your entire life. If you have chosen to make monthly payments, your membership will remain in force as long as your membership payments are made each month.



Life members may upgrade to the next level of life membership at a discounted rate. Please contact us at [email protected] or via phone at 612-424-4032 to discuss pricing for your particular situation.



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