NOTE:  We're presently updating this page for 2021, so some results reflect 2019 and 2020 presently.

Looking back at the past few years, here's just a few of the things that the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & PAC did for Minnesota's 2.5 million law-abiding gun owners.


  • Stopped the strongest, biggest, most well-funded push for gun control ever by stopping all anti-gun DFL gun control efforts in Minnesota, without a single GOP defection
  • For the second year in a row, we maintained a full-time lobbyist / political director presence at the Minnesota State Capitol as our on-the-ground resource for monitoring pro-gun and anti-gun legislation, directly influencing legislators, and providing updates back to our members and supporters through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Tracked dozens of bills through our Bill Tracker, making state legislators aware of our position on each bill, and ensuring that the views of gun owners were represented prior to committee hearings and floor actions.
  • Caucus Leaders testified in multiple hearings in the Minnesota House in opposition to Universal Gun Registration and Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. We organized all opposition testimony, selected and prepped testifiers, and ensured that messages and evidence from gun owners in Minnesota were heard loud and clear by the committees. In advance of committee hearings, we worked with allies on the committees to develop questions, discussion points, and amendments in opposition to the gun control bills.
  • Prior to floor action on the Public Safety Omnibus Bill late in the legislative session, worked with our allies to prepare talking points, questions for other members, and amendments in order to obtain roll call votes on key anti-gun and pro-gun elements of the bills.
  • Working with our allies, obtained roll-call votes in the Minnesota House for Stand your Ground and Constitutional Carry. See our Legislative Scorecard for vote results and how legislators voted.
  • Published and maintained a live Legislative Scorecard showing all graded votes by members of the legislature in committees, conference committees, and floor actions on pro-gun and anti-gun legislation, including amendments and graded procedural motions.

Grassroots Action

  • Tens of thousands of emails and phone calls were made by members and supporters of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus through our Action Center to support pro-gun legislation and oppose anti-gun legislation.
  • Held our largest ever lobby day at the Minnesota State Capitol with 815 attendees coming to lobby their State Representative and State Legislature
  • Held our largest ever rally at our annual Defend the Second Amendment Rally in the State Capitol Rotunda with more than 2,500 attendees present to tell the Governor and State Legislature "NO TO GUN CONTROL"
  • Collected over 15,000 in-person petition signatures in opposition to the DFL's gun control agenda

Engagement & Outreach

  • Hosted 23 Second Saturday Get-Togethers (12 in Rochester, 11 in the Twin Cities Metro Area)
  • Hosted 7 Second Amendment Tuesday Range Nights in the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • Attended 21 different gun shows (7 in Twin Cities Metro Area, 14 in Greater Minnesota)
  • Hosted 4 other meetings & get-togethers in  Shoreview, Roseville, Prior Lake, and Saint Paul
  • Held our first annual banquet for the Minnesota Gun Owners Support Fund in Prior Lake, Minnesota, raising more than $11,000
  • Recruited nearly 400 new volunteers to the organization
  • Presented at dozens of local meetings all across the state on the fight for the Second Amendment, including local gun clubs, BPOU meetings, "concerned citizen" groups, and local political organizations.
  • Added a part-time Vice President of Engagement & Outreach to further lead our engagement & outreach efforts across the state

Local Activism

  • Monitored ordinances in nearly twenty cities and townships across the state, including multiple attempts to zone out gun shops and/or close shooting ranges - some of which had been operating for decades.


Communications & Media

  • Did 142 Facebook Live videos, mostly from the State Capitol during the legislative session, providing detailed updates on what was happening to our members & supporters.
  • Sent 137 action alerts to our members & supporters, primarily aimed at action to be taken through our Action Center to stop gun control efforts at the State Legislature.
  • Published 20 episodes of our Minnesota Gun Report Podcast, providing weekly updates during the legislative session to thousands of subscribers. Our podcast is hosted & produced by local radio talent Mitch Berg.

Shooting Sports

  • Through donations to several local trap teams throughout the state, we supported the continued growth and success of Minnesota's fastest-growing high school sport.
  • Caucus volunteers staffed a booth at the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League State Tournament for the first time.

Selected Media Appearances


Legal Action

  • We threatened legal action against Anoka Technical College because of a ban on the carry of firearms on campus that exceeded the institution's authorities under Minnesota State Law. After a brief dialogue, the college withdrew from an existing Memorandum of Understanding with the local K-12 school district and revoked their ban on firearms - replacing it with guidelines that were compliant with their authorities under Minnesota State Law.



This list is far from complete - and none of it would be possible without the work of our team of volunteers. I hope you'll consider volunteering today!

If you support us as a member, by attending our events, or through donations or volunteering, thank you. We will strive to continue to be worthy of your support in 2020 and beyond.

Bryan Strawser


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