Press Release: MN Gun Owners Caucus responds to tragic death of Philando Castile

“While many facts remain unknown at this time, the video of the aftermath of the shooting of Philando Castile offers a heartbreaking view into a narrative that has occurred all too often across our state, “ said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director, MN Gun Owners Caucus.

“We believe strongly that all citizens deserve equal protection under the law. In this case, as in others, citizens should expect and receive full transparency and accountability from law enforcement agencies that serve our local communities. We fully support the independent investigation being conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and join with Governor Dayton in asking for an independent federal investigation into this incident.”

“This tragedy may also offer an opportunity to take a hard look at police training and protocols related to interactions with armed citizens who are legally carrying a firearm. Despite their portrayal by some, law-abiding permit holders are statistically among the safest populations in our state. With more than 221,000 Minnesotans holding a Permit to Carry, nearly 1 out of every 25 citizens encountered by police may legally be carrying a firearm.”

“As the investigation proceeds and the facts become clearer, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus offers to work with any law enforcement agency that wishes to review their protocols and training for interactions with legally armed citizens.”

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