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The 2018 Legislative Session Has ENDED!

Our grades for the past biennium will be out soon. Until then, you can see what we were up against on our bill tracker page.






The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to the full restoration of our firearms freedoms in Minnesota.


    We aggressively advance and defend our firearms freedoms in Minnesota through grassroots advocacy at all levels in Minnesota, from local government to Saint Paul.


    We work to improve gun safety across Minnesota through seminars, conferences, educational materials, and a statewide gun safety campaign.


    Through our connected political fund, the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee, we work to elect and support Pro-Second Amendment candidates across the state.


    We work to restore our freedoms, step by step, through strong pro-gun legislation, while blocking anti-gun legislation that threatens our liberties.


    We work to identify areas where government entities and agencies are violating the constitutional rights of Minnesota's law-abiding gun owners and work to defend and expand those rights, including litigation if needed.


    We are a member-oriented organization. We exist to advance the interests of our members through advocacy, education, elections, legislation, and legal action. We regularly engage our members through frequent communication, events throughout the state, and an open door for feedback and diverse points of view.

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