What we are fighting for

In 2021, the fight couldn't be clearer.

On one side, the anti-gun DFL leadership in the Minnesota House. They're intent on passing "gun safety" legislation during the current legislative session. Universal gun registration and red flag gun confiscation orders are at the top of their wish list. They tried last session but couldn't get it done without burying the two bills inside of a giant omnibus budget bill.

Only the Minnesota Senate stood strong and blocked their attempts at gun control - along with our pro-gun bi-partisan allies in the Minnesota House.

But bans on commonly-owned hunting and deer rifles and magazine restrictions aren't far behind. And they won't stop there - they'll pursue funding for public health "research" into "gun violence", funding for gun control groups straight out of the state treasury, banning firearms from polling places, banning guns from the state capitol complex, licensing gun owners, requiring insurance, and the list goes on.

On the other side, two-and-a-half-million law-abiding gun owners across our beautiful state. They're farmers, teachers, hunters, managers, janitors, national guard members, and more...

They're people just like you and I. And we're in this fight together.

I hope you'll join the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus today as a Second Amendment Defender, or explore our other membership options. Be sure to sign up as a volunteer, check out our upcoming events, and see what discounts are available to you as a member.

We need you in the fight!

Bryan Strawser, Chair

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