Suppressors (Silencers)

On May 22, 2015, Governor Mark Dayton signed Senate File 878 into law, modifying Minnesota Statutes 609.66, officially making Minnesota the 40th state to legalize the private possession of suppressors for those who lawfully possess them under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

That process is:

  • Pick a suppressor to buy
  • Find a Class 3 Dealer
  • Fill out and complete the required paperwork IN DUPLICATE
  • If an individual, obtain Law Enforcement signature on the forms be fingerprinted and paste or tape two photographs of yourself onto the forms
  • If a Corporation or Trust, you may skip the above step
  • Pay the $200 Transfer Tax to BATFE
  • Wait for your paperwork to clear (2-8 months)
  • Fill out a ATF Form 4473
  • Take your suppressor home


This bill also enacted stricter penalties on those using suppressors illegally:

Subd. 3a. License revocation after conviction; firearm suppressor. (a) A person who is convicted of a violation under paragraph (b) and possessed a firearm with a suppressor may not obtain a hunting license or hunt wild animals for five years from the date of conviction.

(b) The revocation under this subdivision applies to convictions of:

(1) trespass as provided in section 97A.315, subdivision 1, paragraph (b);

(2) hunting game in closed season;

(3) hunting game more than one-half hour before legal shooting hours or more than one-half hour after legal shooting hours; or

(4) using artificial lights to spot, locate, or take wild animals while in possession of a firearm.

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