Statement on the tragedy in Las Vegas and the "conversation" about gun rights

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus joins with the rest of the country in expressing our deepest condolences for those affected by the tragic events in Las Vegas last week.

In the aftermath of tragedy, the utmost priority is to come together and provide support and healing to anyone affected, and not take advantage of their pain for political agendas. 

Tragedies like this horrendous attack evoke strong emotion. In the wake of events of this magnitude, we often see reactionary pleas for legislation or restrictions well before the facts of the situation have come in.

For example, just a short time after this last attack we saw calls for the same failed gun-control measures of the past along with many fundraising emails from gun control groups across the country, and here in Minnesota, trying to capitalize on our nation’s emotions.

There are those that want you to believe that if there was only one more law or one more regulation, that this attack could have been prevented.

The simple fact is that there is no law or regulation that would have prevented the attack in Las Vegas.

Even Senator Diane Feinstein, a long-time proponent of severe restrictions on even commonly owned hunting and sporting firearms, said on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press that she “didn’t know” of a gun law that could have stopped the tragedy in Las Vegas.

As long as we are trying to pursue controlling the tools that criminals use to commit crimes and not the criminal behavior itself, we will fail to see any meaningful change.

It’s easy for politicians and gun control groups to chase after ineffectual legislation in effort to appear to "do something".  It’s easy to point the finger at the NRA, or our organization, or as some did – at the average law-abiding gun owner in Minnesota, and say that we’re to blame.

It’s easy for anti-gun DFL leadership and anti-gun groups in Minnesota to believe that chasing the same failed gun control strategies of the past thirty years will somehow lead to a less divisive result and a subsequent decrease in crime.

It’s far more difficult to take a pragmatic and comprehensive look at the key drivers for violence – to look at strategies that are proven to work - and then working with all parties to create policies that will have a tangible effect on violent crime.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is ready and willing to engage in developing effective policies to address violent crime – and we’re always willing to be a part of a public debate on the issue of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

But our policy position is clear, we do not see any efficacy in restricting accessories and will vigorously oppose any efforts to address gun violence by restricting, in any way, the lawful ownership of firearms and accessories.


Bryan Strawser, Chairman
Rob Doar, VP & Political Director

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