State Fair Case Update: Judge Nelson denies motion for Temporary Injunction against Fair & Sheriff

Judge Nelson today issued an order denying our request for a temporary injunction against the MN State Agricultural Society, Ramsey County, and the Ramsey County Sheriff.
We're obviously disappointed in this outcome, but we knew going into this case that obtaining a temporary injunction was a high burden to overcome. It's our duty, though, to take the right actions on behalf of our members and Minnesota's 2.5 million law-abiding gun owners.

We believe the letter of the law is clear - and that our state's firearm preemption laws apply to the Minnesota State Fair.
This is just the beginning of what we expect to be a lengthy legal process.

We're confident that we will prevail once given the opportunity to argue the merits to the case in a full hearing in court in the coming weeks.

You can view the Judge's order denying our motion for a temporary injunction at

In terms of trying to carry at the Fair. This year there are metal detectors and the Fair has made it a misdemeanor to carry past the gate using their ordinance powers.

We do not advise trying to carry at the Fair given the possible criminal prosecution risk - and that causing any sort of scene at the Fair is not going to help our cause or case in the long run. We're happy to answer specific questions around that at [email protected]

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