Sign the Petition - Stop Slocum's Gun Ban Bill!

Sign the Petition - Stop Slocum's Gun Ban Bill!



To the Members of the Minnesota Legislature:

  • Whereas, the anti-gun movement, led by state groups like Protect Minnesota and Michael Bloomberg's out of state-funded Everytown, is attempting to take advantage of recent tragedies to drive home their agenda of gun control.

  • Whereas, State Representative Linda Slocum, along with several of her anti-gun colleagues, have introduced the worst gun control bill seen in a decade in the state.

  • Whereas, the bill established a ban on the sale or transfer of most semi-automatic handguns, rifles, and shotguns in the state, including many commonly owned hunting firearms.

  • Whereas, the bill requires registration of all firearms in a database held by your local police. This database requires an annual fee - and forces you to allow the police to inspect your home without a warrant at any time.

  • Whereas, the bill bans possession of suppressors, despite their lack of use in criminal activity.

  • Whereas, the bill contains many other measures that would destroy our Second Amendment rights.

Therefore, as a law-abiding gun owner, I call upon all members of the Minnesota
Legislature to OPPOSE HF 3022 - the Slocum Gun Ban Bill!



Who's signing

keith unangst
Gary Peterson
Travis LaClair
Glen Murra
Calvin Johnson
Martin Wade
Rodney Johnson
Richard Kern
August Spiegelberg
William Bakken
Tom Miller
Andrew Dahl
Jeffrey Pederson
Aaron Almen
David Stauffer
Jeff Pinkerton
Bruce Glasrud
Kevin Martin
Robert Tibbetts
Kyle Erickson
Steve Leifeld
Shane Wernsing
Kevin Schleppenbach
James Zimmer
Adam Hinrichs
John Underwood
Richard Schroeder
Joseph Reed
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  • keith unangst
    signed 2018-03-03 14:30:46 -0600
    *shall not be infringed
  • Gary Peterson
    signed via 2018-03-03 14:29:37 -0600
  • Jennifer Murra
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-03-03 14:29:02 -0600
    Sign the petition: Stop Slocum's Gun Ban Bill
  • Jennifer Murra
    @75murra tweeted link to this page. 2018-03-03 14:28:59 -0600
    Sign the petition: Stop Slocum's Gun Ban Bill
  • Travis LaClair
    signed via 2018-03-03 14:28:34 -0600
    I would like to see time and energy spent on making our shools more secure. So no one can get in during school hours. I’m not a fan of the TSA but that’s what we did after 9/11 to make us more secure, maybe we need something like that for our schools.
  • Glen Murra
    signed 2018-03-03 14:28:19 -0600
    I thought we lived USA not Russia
  • Calvin Johnson
    signed 2018-03-03 14:28:05 -0600
  • Martin Wade
    signed 2018-03-03 14:18:59 -0600
  • Rodney Johnson
    signed 2018-03-03 14:16:44 -0600
  • Richard Kern
    signed 2018-03-03 14:15:19 -0600
  • August Spiegelberg
    signed 2018-03-03 14:15:13 -0600
  • William Bakken
    signed 2018-03-03 14:15:01 -0600
  • Tom Miller
    signed 2018-03-03 14:11:51 -0600
  • Andrew Dahl
    signed 2018-03-03 14:11:38 -0600
  • Jeffrey Pederson
    signed 2018-03-03 14:11:36 -0600
  • Aaron Almen
    signed 2018-03-03 14:10:30 -0600
    “This database requires an annual fee – and forces you to allow the police to inspect your home ___WITHOUT a warrant at any time___” REALLY !!!???!!!

    That’s illegal unless you get a court order whether this passed or not. It would still be illegal no matter what this bill would say ( Due Process Anyone ?)
  • David Stauffer
    signed 2018-03-03 14:09:37 -0600
  • Jeff Pinkerton
    signed 2018-03-03 14:09:29 -0600
    It is absurd that gun owners are treated as law breaking, mentally unstable time bombs who must own guns for performing evil acts! Stop blaming the tool and attempting to gain votes by creating ridiculous laws which only give a false sense of security to the uninformed. I am a well educated, mentally stable, law abiding AMERICAN citizen who strongly believes in our Constitutional Rights/2nd Amendment and this madness of portraying gun owners as criminals needs to stop NOW.

    Jeff Pinkerton
  • Bruce Glasrud
    signed 2018-03-03 14:09:25 -0600
    Never mind even the 2nd Amendment, Slocum’s ‘inspection’ provisions violate the 4th Amendment!
  • Kevin Martin
    signed 2018-03-03 14:08:34 -0600
    Kevin Martin
  • Robert Tibbetts
    signed 2018-03-03 14:08:18 -0600
  • Kyle Erickson
    signed 2018-03-03 14:07:46 -0600
    This legislation is not only outrageous but objectively unconstitutional. Treat mental health, violence will not be stopped using bans
  • Steve Leifeld
    signed 2018-03-03 14:06:19 -0600
  • Shane Wernsing
    signed 2018-03-03 14:04:21 -0600
  • Kevin Schleppenbach
    signed 2018-03-03 14:04:06 -0600
  • James Zimmer
    signed 2018-03-03 14:03:34 -0600
  • Adam Hinrichs
    signed 2018-03-03 14:03:31 -0600
    I am strongly against HF3022! This bill strips Minnesota gun owners of their constitutional rights. I VOTE, and I’m pay attention!
  • John Underwood
    signed 2018-03-03 14:03:04 -0600
    This bill will do NOTHING to stop criminals from obtaining firearms. This is all about political power and the impotent DFL. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Richard Schroeder
    signed 2018-03-03 14:01:49 -0600
  • Joseph Reed
    signed 2018-03-03 14:01:29 -0600
    Joseph Reed

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