Prohibited Places

Correctional Facilities
State Hospitals

Minnesota Statutes, section 243.55
Minnesota Statutes, section 641.165


Courthouse Complexes

K-12 Schools (Without written permission from Principal/Administrator) except within parking lots.
Licensed child care providers (Without written permission from center operator) except within parking lots.

Minnesota Statutes, section 609.66


Employers / Colleges can ban carry by students / employees, except within parking lots.
(Violation is not breaking the law, but there are no employment protections)

Private establishments who have “personally informs the person that guns are prohibited in the premises and demands compliance.”

Minnesota Statutes, section 624.714


Federal Facilities

18 United States Code section 930

Places that cannot limit the exercise of carry


State, County, or City buildings\land or Public Colleges and Universities (except as noted above)

Minnesota Statutes, section 609.66

National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Forests (Land only, buildings prohibited)

Section 27.42 of title 50