Press Release: MN Gun Owners Caucus opposes Erin Murphy's radical gun control agenda

Saint Paul, Minn - August 2nd, 2018:  The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, a non-partisan, single-issue Minnesota nonprofit advocacy organization, and its connected political fund, opposes DFL Governor candidate Erin Murphy's radical gun control agenda that will be unveiled later today.

"Erin Murphy will continue her assault on the two-and-a-half-million law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota today as she unveils her radical gun control agenda filled with failed ideas from past gun control efforts, " stated Bryan Strawser, Chairman, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and PAC.  "Erin Murphy has stated how proud she is of her 'F' rating from the NRA - a rating earned through her multiple terms in Saint Paul as being hostile to the Second Amendment - including support for bans on commonly owned hunting and deer rifles, ex-parte orders without due process to seize firearms, and removing Minnesota's strong privacy protections for gun owners."

"We've seen Rep. Murphy dodge serious questions about her agenda, even deleting facts and questions from her Facebook page in an attempt to avoid them, " added Rob Doar, Political Director. "It's long past time that she provides specific answers behind her overly broad proposals."

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus encourages citizens and the press to ask Rep. Murphy the following questions about her gun control agenda:
  • In your proposals, you call for an "Assault Weapons Ban":
    • What is an "Assault Weapon" in your mind? How would you differentiate them from other semi-automatic firearms?
    • What does a "ban" mean to you?  Restrictions on sales?  Possession? What would happen to "Assault Weapons" currently owned by law-abiding citizens?
  • Your proposals call for Universal Background checks - and you stated on a video chat yesterday evening with Students for Erin that there should be "no exceptions"
    • What about between an instructor and a student at a range?
    • Between family members?
    • On a hunting trip?
  • How would you characterize Minnesota's Permit to Carry law?
    • Are there places where carry should be restricted or prohibited?
    • Would you call for a repeal of this law?
  • Your proposals call for magazine size restrictions
    • How many rounds should a magazine hold?
    • How did you arrive at that number?
    • What would happen to the likely tens of thousands of such magazines already in the hands of citizens of Minnesota?
  • Your proposals include "lifting the ban on researching gun violence as a public health issue"
    • There is not such a ban in Minnesota or federal law, what specifically do you mean by this?
  • Current state law allows a child as young as 10 to carry a firearm while hunting. Do you support this law?

"Gun owners in Minnesota should be motivated now more than ever to defeat this extreme anti-gun agenda represented by Erin Murphy and Erin Maye Quade," added Doar. "Our organization, along with our partners, will be working to ensure that motivated gun owners come to the polls to defeat this unwarranted assault on their constitutional rights."

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