Press Release: MN Gun Owners Caucus Opposes Rep. Norton's Gun Control Proposals

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & Political Action Committee today announced their opposition to the gun control proposals put forth earlier by Representative Kim Norton (DFL, HD 25B - Rochester, MN).

"Representative Norton has unveiled a gun control bill that will do nothing to achieve its stated purpose of addressing mass shootings in Paris, San Bernardino, and Colorado Springs, " said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director. "In the San Bernardino and Colorado Springs shootings, the shooters passed a background check. Therefore imposing universal background checks as Rep. Norton proposes to do in this bill would do nothing but impose an undue burden on law-abiding gun owners."

"Rep. Norton's proposal is filled with the failed gun control strategies of the past, " added Rob Doar, Political Director. "Waiting periods, mandatory training requirements, and additional storage requirements have all been tried before with no noticeable impact on gun violence. It's unfortunate that Rep. Norton has ignored the real issues with gun violence in Minnesota, including improving access to mental health, dealing with the widespread under sentencing of firearms crimes in the courts, and adding funding to urban police forces where gun violence remains a challenge."

"In the 2013 legislative session, extensive hearings were held in the Minnesota House and Senate on gun control proposals, including proposals similar to what Rep. Norton has outlined in her press release today. Such proposals were soundly rejected by both legislative bodies and helped contribute to a change of control in the Minnesota House in the November 2014 elections, " stated Doar.

"We will oppose this bill strongly in the upcoming legislative session, and will encourage our supporters to address it with their Representatives and Senators," added Strawser.

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