Our work in Saint Paul at the Minnesota State Capitol is central to what we do here at the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus.

Our legislative efforts include:

  • Restoring our Firearms Freedoms:  Working diligently, step by step, to pass pro-gun legislation that works to secure our constitutional rights as law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota. Think of this as being on the offense!
  • Aggressively stopping bad legislation:  Putting a halt to the anti-gun legislation that rears its ugly head each session at the State Capitol. Meeting by meeting, step by step, we're able to bring strong grassroots credibility to the table to aggressively halt anti-gun legislation.

2017- 2018 Legislation

Track the progress of current pro and anti-gun legislation on our 2017 - 2018 Legislative Tracker page.


2015 - 2016 Successes

In 2015, our connected political fund, the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee worked with other gun rights organizations to achieve a number of major successes:

  • Passed a bill stripping the governor of his ability to violate your Second Amendment rights during a "State of Emergency".
  • Passed a bill removing the redundant requirement to notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that you intend to carry a firearm at the State Capitol using your Permit to Carry.
  • Passed a bill legalizing firearm suppressors for all lawful purposes in Minnesota.
  • Passed a bill simplifying the reciprocity process in Minnesota for Permits to Carry.
  • Passed a bill making it clear that Minnesotans could purchase a long gun from a dealer in all 49 other states.


Interested in helping with our legislative efforts?

  • Second, please signup as a volunteer. Important legislative activities include hosting events, helping our Saint Paul staff at the Capitol, managing rally and hearing attendees, and helping phone bank for activism.

    Can you give up a few hours each month to help make a difference?