Legal Action

We believe strongly that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is worth defending - through litigation if necessary.

While Minnesota's firearms laws are quite clear, some government entities see fit to violate those laws and restrict your Second Amendment freedoms.ย 

When we see these challenges, we take action and intervene in order to protect your right to keep and bear arms.

Current Legal Actions

  • The Minnesota State Fair has long prohibited firearms from its premises, even going as far as to post signs as if they were a privately held business. We're currently in the early stages of discussions with the Minnesota State Fair.

Closed Legal Actions

Report an Infringement

Are you aware of a governmental entity that is infringing upon your Second Amendment rights?

Please use our Report an Infringement form to let us know. We'll follow-up with you within seven business days - and may choose to take further action if warranted.

Interested in helping with our legal action efforts?

  • If you haven't already done so, considerย joining the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus today. Your contribution as a member goes directly to help support our day to day operations.

  • Second,ย please signup as a volunteer. Important legal action volunteer activities include office research, making phone calls, writing letters, and general office work.

    Can you give up a few hours each month to help make a difference?