Courthouse Carry

Minnesota statute 609.66 prohibits the possession of a "dangerous weapon" within a courthouse complex without having a Minnesota Permit to Carry and then providing proper notice to the county sheriff of your intent to do so.

Providing Proper Notice

To provide proper notice, simply send a letter to the county sheriff for the courthouse in which you intend to carry.

You may wish to send a second copy with a stamped self-addressed envelope and ask for a receipt to be signed and returned to you to keep on hand in case of any future issues.

Sample Letter


Under MN 609.66, Subd 1g, I am providing you with proper notice to carry a firearm under MN 609.66, Subd 1g in the _____________ County courthouse complex.

I hold a current Minnesota State Permit to Carry a Handgun. My permit was issued by the ___________________ County Sheriff, and expires on ___________________.

Thank you for your service.



Court Orders

Some courts have issued a court order prohibiting firearms within the courthouse complex. These court orders can carry civil and criminal penalties. Be sure to check into your county's specific situation before carrying a firearm in the courthouse complex.

While we believe these court orders to be illegal under Minnesota law as an infringement, they have yet to be successfully challenged in court.

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