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  • followed this page 2017-11-01 20:03:45 -0500
  • commented 2017-10-12 12:47:20 -0500
    Hi My name is Robert I live in Alexandria and am thinking about getting a life membership and was wondering if I can do a payment plan and if so how it works.

    I am also a life NRA member and annual GOA MEMBER. THANKS.
  • commented 2017-03-07 09:15:09 -0600
    1. I am a member; how do I get a t- shirt?

    2. Would you push legislation to legalize automatic knives in MN?
  • commented 2017-01-19 15:02:26 -0600
    Organization materiel I can provide to students & customers

    We spoke at your last meeting about my having something in my shop to promote membership in Mn. Gun Owners Caucus
  • commented 2017-01-04 11:45:10 -0600
    I joined as a member back in June 2016. Other than an email receipt for payment, I have not once received any response or indication acknowledging membership. Do you do mailings? Is there a membership card? I wouldn’t know- it’s been 7 months!

    I suggest you refund my $40 or contact me as soon as possible. I’ve tried calling but there’s never an answer (yes I’ve left a voicemail with phone number)- at least the IRS answers their phone. If you run your organization like democrats, then I want out (I realize Mn Gun Owners is “bipartisan” but let’s be real- it’s now a partisan issue).

    Waited 7 months to hear from you. Please call or email me.
  • commented 2016-11-04 09:44:23 -0500
    I have a question. How in the world do you give Rod Skoe an A rating when he joined Ron Latz and Sandra Pappas to against constitutional conceal and carry?
  • commented 2016-10-10 15:58:31 -0500
    Do you have a list of officials currently running for election or reelection that are pro gun? I do not follow all the various people running for office that closely so a list of like minded people running for office would be handy for people like myself. I would rather vote in some pro-gun guy or gal that I have little knowledge about than vote in any anti-gunners. We seem to have too many anti-gunners here in MN and could do without anymore.

    If you have a list you can send to me or publish on your site that would be cool just send it to me or let me know when you publish it.

  • commented 2016-06-02 15:21:23 -0500
    I am the Republican Endorsed candidate in House District 5A, I am very interested in earning your endorsement. I do not remember getting a survery, will one be coming soon? I am a member of the NRA, MDHA, Ruffed Grouse Society, Pheasants Forever & DU. I am also a US Navy Veteran
  • commented 2016-03-10 11:07:48 -0600

    Keep up the good work! However I have noticed all of your efforts are reactive. In other words, the gun control people do something and you react to it. Why don’t you try to do something proactive? Maybe get a patriotic representative to start a bill that makes it illegal for them to start any bill that requires gun registration. Or make it illegal to start any bill that violates the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Or make it illegal to start a bill that violates any part of the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights. Everybody should respect the US Constitution – get it into law. If you were successful it could turn into a model for Federal legislation. Or hopefully you can think up other good ways to be proactive and stop these constant attacks on our rights.


    John Stropp
  • commented 2016-02-01 09:00:29 -0600
    I went to the webpage described in your letter to find “benefits” benefits and it said the page was not available.

    I went to and there is no benefits tab there either.
  • commented 2016-01-25 11:02:24 -0600
    A legal question, sort of. In regards to “BANS GUNS ON THESE PREMISES” maybe run it by the lawyers. It seems to me that Restricting ones ability to defend themselves is not only unconstitutional, but also is a danger to a persons safety, and creates an unsafe and dangerous work place. Creating a liability for death or injury to persons because of there GUN BAN policy.

    You know GUN SAFETY ???? The SAFETY created when one is armed with a gun.
  • commented 2015-12-18 16:01:42 -0600
    I found you’re web site very suspiscious. I don’t know if I should trust you. Dave.
  • commented 2015-12-12 09:56:51 -0600
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